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Career Possibilities

Career Opportunities

Through strong connections with industry professionals, our department actively assists students in securing summer jobs, part-time employment, or short-term internships. This not only reinforces the knowledge gained in school but also provides valuable workplace experience, which can be beneficial for students' future employment prospects. In general, our graduates have excellent employment outcomes, and their maritime engineering expertise aligns well with the department's core educational objectives and professional training. As a result, there is a strong correlation between what students learn in school and their subsequent employment opportunities.


Here are some of the employment opportunities and sectors that our graduates have pursued:

1. Related Industries:Evergreen Marine Corporation, Wan Hai Lines, Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation, Formosa Plastics Group's marine division, China Steel Corporation's marine division, China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO), China International Engineering Corporation (CIEC), Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), private power plants, waste incineration facilities, biotech companies, EVA Air, and China Airlines, among others.

2. Academic and Educational Institutions: Some graduates have pursued careers in academia and education, working as faculty members in institutions such as National Taiwan Ocean University's Department of Marine Engineering, Keelung Maritime University, Su-Ao Maritime Vocational High School, Penghu Maritime and Science Vocational School, and other technical and vocational schools specializing in electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.。

3. Public Sector: Public Sector: Graduates have also found opportunities in the public sector, including positions at the Harbor Bureau, Port Authority, Coast Guard Administration, CPC Corporation (Chinese Petroleum Corporation), Taiwan Power Company, and Taiwan Shipbuilding Corporation.。